rental kitchen upgrade

Got a rental in need of an upgrade?

Rental improvements pose challenges for meeting budgets, providing the most-wanted upgrades, and for finishes that outlast tenant wear ‘n tear …

vinyl plank floor
Simple things like hardwood-look floors impress tenants and last a LONG time!

Even though they are small spaces, and budgets are tight, Jeep knows that rentals need a special approach. This is our rental! Jeep and his wife, Sue, appreciate the budgetary tightrope that landlords walk when keeping our rentals up to snuff. Tenants can be hard on properties. So long wearing finishes are needed, and they have to look good so that tenants will love them at first sight. Though, often the budget doesn’t allow for the best of everything. Jeep knows what tenants want, and how to make a tight budget stretch.

For instance, hardwood floors are one of the most wanted finishes, but tenants (and their dogs) can destroy one in short order. In our rental we installed a commercial-grade hardwood look-alike vinyl plank flooring. It looks great, and tenants love it. It’s easy-care, water resistant, wears incredibly well, and installs quickly. In fact, it’s the same product you see in the grocery stores—so it’s made for traffic. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns that are popular now.

Solid surface countertops are also much desired improvements and they are darn-near impossible for tenants to ruin. Jeep installed ours using a product he can cut and fit himself. This saved money and time. Full-height, glass-tiled backsplash and under-cabinet L.E.D. lighting are also something that will modernize rental kitchens.

Little rental bathrooms need finishes that will dress them up without busting your budget. Marble-look large format tiles on floor and as a wainscot-high wall covering do the trick, won’t wear out, and protect walls. Plus, large-format tiles go in fast—these are 24″ squares! Add a budget-priced, but up-to-date, vanity and the job is done.

Speaking of done, all white walls are so passé, soft neutrals are desired by young renters. Try pearly grays, and cool tans.

These and other “little things” can make a huge difference in getting top-dollar rents, and short turns between tenants. Talk to Jeep about your rental upgrade schedule. The rental market is tight right now, but hundreds of new units are being built in Boulder County. When they come on line—will your rental be competitive?

New vanity and wall/floor “marble” tile dress up a small bathroom.

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